Service Pricing

Service Pricing

To help you understand all of the costs associated with a funeral service and make an informed decision, we’ve broken them down in our general price list. We also have a variety of payment options to ease the financial burden of honoring your loved one so that you can give them the service they deserve. If you need any assistance or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our staff is happy to help you explore all the options available to you.

Zach Webb will better any reasonable price quote in the area

Thoughtfulness. A funeral that is both meaningful and memorable should be as unique as the person being remembered; reflecting their personal values, interests, and experiences. While the service requires making many decisions during a difficult time, we will help to organize an event that reflects and honors your loved one's life. With a variety of offerings to choose from, (traditional service, cremation/memorial services, pre-arrangements, event hosting, keepsakes, personalization, monuments, pets, catering, etc.) we'll make sure that you are satisfied. We welcome the opportunity to deliver to you the most sincere and caring service.

Price Comparison- Talk to our owner about mitigating circumstances- we will attempt to beat all realistic price quotes

Our entire General Price List, Casket Price List, and Outer Container Price List is available at the funeral home or over the phone, please visit or call. We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most common packages are shown below with comparisons to the corporate-owned competition. Competitor's prices are taken from their current General Price Lists. The services listed are the totals of itemized services only and does not include merchandise (casket, urn, vault, register book) or cash advanced items (clergy, florist, cemetery, death certificates).

Our service to you is one-on-one and personal, not dictated by off-site superiors.

To put it simply, the Webb Family will work harder to lower its overhead to keep the cost down. We know that, during your time of grief, less cost equals less stress. We can customize a funeral to satisfy you and meet your financial requirements. It's important for you to know that we can provide the best at the most reasonable price.

Why Pay More?

Per General & Merchandise Price Lists on 11/6/2020. Subject to change without notice.

Item (Other funeral homes) Webb Family
Sales Tax 9.5% 6.5%
First Steel Casket $2,095 $1,795
Grave Liner $1,395 $1,295
Basic Services $2,730 $2,245

Totals of Services

Full Traditional Funeral Service

Webb Family Funeral Service $4,495
Other local funeral homes $4,945

Services only. Total all possible services (you may make some deductions) for traditional funeral. Not including limo, sales tax, third party expenses, etc. 

Full Traditional Graveside Service

Webb Family Funeral Service $4,195
Other local funeral homes $4,745

Services only. 

Funeral Service Followed by Cremation

Webb Family Funeral Service $4,245
Other local funeral homes  $unknown
Webb Family's listed charges do not include merchandise, including a rental casket, and the others list packages that include merchandise. 

Cremation Followed by Memorial Service

Webb Family Funeral Service $3,345
Other local funeral homes  $unknown

Direct Cremation (with minimum container)

Webb Family Funeral Service $2,995
Other local funeral homes $4,190

This include minimum containers. Webb Family encourages a private, immediate family viewing, primarily for identification and will not charge in normal circumstances. Webb Family charges include $50 of local permit fees. 

Simplified Package Prices of Services

Full Funeral, all services, visitation, no limo $4,495
Graveside Funeral Service, visitation/no limo $4,195
Funeral Service followed by Cremation $4,245
Cremation followed by Memorial Service only $3,345
Direct Cremation (includes minimum container and local permit) $2,995

Cremation includes: Basic Services, removal, crematory, transport, service car, shelter, disinfection, container and viewing availability for immediate family.

These rates do not include merchandise, sales tax, permit fees, additional transportation & cash advances. Insurance filing fee up to $500 and outside area cremation fees.

Forwarding Remains: $3,895. Basic service, removal, other prep, embalming.

Recieving Remains: $2,845. Basic service, removal from shipping point (Tulsa) to cemetery only.  

Immediate Burial or Body Donation: $2,995. Basic Service, removal, other prep, transport to KUMC or cemetery. 

Payment Policy, Transferred Plans, Price Match

  • Webb Family Funeral Service accepts standard forms of payment, such as cash or check. Debit and credit cards subject to 3% , and insurance assignments 4% of the amounts funded. Payment service is available on this website under "Payment Options".
  • We will work with ANY plan transferred from another funeral home and will attempt to match any reasonable price quote from the area.
  • Payments at owner’s discretion upon meeting criteria and such arrangements are required before completion of services.
  • “Cash advances” are payments to others, such as cemetery, death certificates, honorariums, etc., must be secured by service.
  • Past due accounts subject to interest and collection fees, per contract.

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