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From the Owner

Choosing the Right Funeral Home
There are many important questions to ask when choosing a funeral home. These are some guidelines:
     1. History-The Webb family has served Independence for over 90 years through Jackson’s, Webb Funeral Home, and Webb & Rodrick until its corporate acquisition.  Glen, Mary, Clarence, Jerry, Gwen, Zach & Deanna have proudly served their community for decades.
     2. Reputation-When choosing a funeral home for the final care of a loved one, consumers often look into the reputation. The Webb family is known for exceptional service and honest, yet compassionate, information.  Nothing is more important than trust.
     3. Licensing-Our funeral directors and pre-need staff are licensed professionals. We guarantee that you will be working with someone with the knowledge to properly guide you through the decision making process. Clarence and Jerry have been presidents of the Kansas Funeral Directors Association and the State Board of Mortuary Arts.  Zach Webb is the longest-licensed funeral director and embalmer in Independence.
     4. Facilities & Services-We have designed our facility to be of modest elegance yet functional due to the many types of services a family may choose, which should be as unique as the person being remembered.  With a variety of offerings, we'll make sure that you are satisfied and  welcome the opportunity to deliver to you the most sincere, caring, and thoughtful service.
     5. Local Ownership-Webb Family Funeral Service is locally family owned and operated. Paxus Services of Texas owns all Potts and former Penwell-Gabel (Webb & Rodrick) - 6 locations in a 20 mile radius of Independence. We see the families we serve as our shareholders and they are the ones we strive to satisfy.
     6. Pre-Planning-We offer all types of pre-planning. This alleviates the financial burden on your family and gives you peace of mind, knowing your wishes will be carried out exactly as you wanted. Should you relocate to another city, your plan is transferable to a funeral home in your new community. When considering transferring your policy to another funeral home, be sure to inquire as to whether or not they will honor the guaranteed price for the goods and services that you have selected.  We accept all.  If we provide the items at less cost, excess funds will be refunded or used for additional items.
     7. Location-Consumers often select a funeral home because it is close to home.  Please visit us at 1475 S. 10th in Independence, KS. 
     8. Cost-One of the major questions will be about cost. As funeral providers, we are here to serve our clients individual needs and best interests. We urge you to be as forthcoming as possible about your financial needs. When asking about prices, make sure that you know exactly what that price includes.  Our main goal is to help unburden families of rising costs.  Our costs are up to 1/3 less than the corporate competition.  We know in your time of grief, less cost equals less stress.

Once you have asked all of these questions, you should feel secure and know that you have made an educated, wise decision that should be shared with your loved ones.

Know who owns your funeral home!  See 'SCI" Link at bottom of page!

You have rights as a consumer. See: http://www.funeralethics.org/KSCR.pdf
Who Owns What? 
Legacy Holdings of Houston now owns Potts in Indy, C'vale and Caney, Webb & Rodrick, Ford's in C'ville, Fawcett's in Neody. Purchased from Paxus, Inc. who purchased the Penwell Gabel location in August 2012....

2014-Legacy buys 3 Potts, Webb & Rodrick, Ford's, and Fawcett.
2012-Paxus buys the 3 Penwell Gabels to assemble the 6 FH's listed above -> Original names. 
2007-Paxus buys the Potts from ECI
2006-ECI gains Potts from SCI due to FTC antitrust against SCI
2006-SCI acquires Potts from Alderwoods in corporate takeover.
2000's-Graves in Caney is bought by Parcells then by Potts
2000-Alderwoods takes Potts from the Loewen group due to bankruptcy
1999- Newcomers buys Ford's in C-Ville, merges Graves and all names to Penwell Gabel. 
1997- Newcomer buys Webb & Rodrick 
1995-Newcomer buys Fawcetts in Neody
1993- Newcomer buys Graves in Caney and C'ville
1991- The Loewen Group buys Potts in Indy and Cherryvale.

  It's easy to tell who owns Webb Family Funeral Service.  The Webb family.   Other locally-owned funeral homes are Barnes and Mission in Coffeyville, Timmons and Countryside in Fredonia, and now Wickham in Cherryvale. 
  Thank you for using a business ran by your friends and neighbors. 

Excerpt from When to Fire Your Funeral Home, by Caleb Wilde

If you EVER feel pressure from a funeral home or funeral director to buy something more expensive — or something you don’t want — FIRE THEM!  Seriously, just fire them.  Walk out if you need to.  The fact is that your mind is already clouded by grief and the last thing you need in your life is something trying to squeeze money out of you … because they will.  You just experienced a death in your life.  You need people who love you, NOT people who want to exploit you.

Yes, firing a funeral director at this point in the game is like walking out midway through a haircut.  But it can be done and it has been done.  We’ve had a couple families who have fired their funeral home and call us.  Thankfully, we’ve yet to be fired, although if the day comes, we’ll be understanding.

Firing someone can be awkward.  But it’s worth it.  You don’t need to be exploited in your grief.
But I'm All Signed Up At the Other Place
Per statute, you may transfer your arrangements any time, even after the death has taken place. Just sign a letter I provide, which I can also e-mail or bring to you, and I'll carry it in the other funeral home and pick up your "file". WE ACCEPT AND HONOR ALL.  We'll take care of all the details. 
There's information on both the FAQ and Grief page about children and funerals.  We will make sure young family members don't recall their first time at a funeral home as a morbid and stilted experience.  
Cremation Ads and Societies.
You may have seen a billboard in Tulsa or Joplin that said, "Cremation-$795".  You ask why we are $1995 ($600 less than our competition).  They are able to do that by:
  • Seeking higher volume.  They look to do 1000 cremations at that price and I may expect to do 15.  A certain amount of every service is the Basic Service Charge, which is the fixed overhead amount which keeps the business open.
  •  You might also inspect the credibility and solvency of some of the operations.
  • They likely own their own crematory and don't need to contract this service elsewhere.
  •  In Kansas, 100% of pre-paid money is yours until I provide a service.  In OK and MO, they may use 10-20% of your money right away. 
  •  In Oklahoma, the medical examiner will make them add $150 for a permit, and they may add other charges.  Our $1995 will only go up if your request additional goods or services. It may even be lowered for families with mitigating circumstances. Their charge will go up once you start dealing with them.  Ours may come down. The owner will also work with you on finding other discounts. 
  • At WFFS,  you are also guaranteed the service of a third generation funeral director that's been licensed in three states. 
Their Price List and the "Best Price Guarantee"
       Potts and Webb & Rodrick now have the same price list with different covers.  That is understandable as it would avoid confusion between the shared staff.  However, that leaves the only choice as to which facilities a family would use.
    Regarding the "Best Price Guarantee" included on their price list which states:

  "This funeral home will meet any price for the identical services and /or merchandise on a current published General Price List by any local funeral home.  The service and/or merchandise must be listed on on own General Price List.  If you should find such a lower price, we will offer the identical service and/or merchandise, this funeral home will match their price and give you an additional 10% of the difference for bringing it to our attention."

    We're already 10%-30% less and it has been brought to their attention on this site and the price list handed to them. 
Any realistic local price quote, we can likely match or beat because we can shop around. Why Pay More?

.  See the "Price Comparison" page at left.  Our charges consistently run 10-30% less than the corporate-owned competition.  Their prices are right at, or just above the national average. We don't consider ourselves to be a "cut-rate" place.  Our facilities and staff is smaller, designed to run more simply and efficiently, thereby lowering the overhead expense and passing the savings on to you.  Example:  I currently do not own a $40,000 hearse and limo.  I would contract one from Tulsa when needed or I gladly offer use of my suburban for $650 less.  That's about all I'll "contract out".  I'll mow my own grass and wash my own car.  I am also more open to working with the family in a variety of ways. If the family explains their situation, I'll find a way to make it happen. 
Online Caskets, Strip-Mall Casket Stores and 'Made in China'. 
It's possible to find caskets for less. I'm able to help you do that if that is the family's priority.  If you purchase one elsewhere, beforehand, keep in mind you will need to store it somewhere.  Not everyone wants a casket in their garage for twenty years (hopefully), where it can easily be damaged.  Many casket stores also move or close much, much faster than funeral homes. 
    My experience with caskets "Made in China" is, though they look nice, they are of inferior quality.  I can find you quality merchandise in any price range.
    I will strive to offer American-made products. Now, if you look hard enough, you'll likely find the components of an item assembled in Mexico, or a granite urn that has a sticker that says "made in India".  I know the lamp on this desk may be made in China, but I'm not selling it to the families I'm serving.      
   My pledge to you is that I will not offer inferior merchandise and those that do so in the name of profit margin is the reason we have founded Webb Family Funeral Service. 
Viewing the deceased. When a loved one dies we find it most difficult to believe that death has happened. The whole process of grieving helps us accept and learn this reality. The process takes months. In the early part of the process the bereaved is often shocked and numbed, refusing to believe. Even if they are able to say and realize intellectually that the death has occurred, it is difficult to fully accept emotionally this event in the early period. By seeing the deceased, and even by touching the deceased, we have a visual and tactile image of what the fact of death means. We know that being dead is different than being alive, and we know that the person whom we loved is truly dead, not simply gone away.
     I have been and embalmer for 27 years and been involved in the preparation of the deceased over 2,500 times. There's no situation I haven't seen.  I take pride in being able to accomplish what few others can do. I strive to do everything in my power to provide the bereaved with the most agreeable memory picture possible, not to be outdone by anyone in the area. 
National News

SCI buys Stewart Enterprises for over $1Billion  6/1/2013
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Starbucks in a funeral home.  Genius or fail? 

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