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Area Cemeteries
This is a link to who has records of closed funeral homes in Kansas.  http://www.accesskansas.org/ksbma/oldfuneralhomes.html 
This is a link to a Montgomery County map http://communitylink.com/us/ks/independence/map/county? With the following:
Bethel, Black Jack, Brock, Carson, Centennial, Choteau, Fairview, Farm Ridge,  Fawn Creek, Harmony, Harrisonville, Havana, Highland Center, Hiltz, Hunter,  Jefferson, Josaphat (State Line), Kallock, Krone, Le Hunt, Liberty Cemetery, Lutheran, McClure-Gorham, Mt. Hope, Oak Hill, Parker, Pioneer, Pleasant Dale, Poor Farm, Pratt, Pumpkin Creek, Quaker, Radical, Robbins, Rutland,  Simpson, Spring Hill, St. Andrew Catholic, St. Andrew, St. Francis Xavier, St. Joseph, Union, Westralia, White, Woodring 
Or click on the cemetery listed below:
Or http://genealogytrails.com/kan/montgomery/Cemeteryindex.html, which has 3 additional. 

The following are in or near Chautauqua County: 

The following are located in Wilson County: 

Zach Webb may be familiar with some of the families that have used certain rural cemeteries, or who the caretaker may be that has the records. If you have a question, give us a call at 620-331-3500.

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